Monday, 4 April 2011

World Cup Hoax?

How can we not talk about this!

The trophy the Indian team so passionately kissed and posed with and circled the ground with amidst the cheers of millions of fans around the world was in fact a FAKE !!!

Did the Indian team know when, a day before the match, Dhoni and the Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara posed with the same fake cup?
Probably not.

This has never happened in the 36-year history of the cricket World Cup. The trophy is valued at about $130,000 made of pure gold and silver.

The question is: Where is the real trophy then? It has been seized by the Mumbai Customs after arriving from Colombo on March 29.

The reason is: The trophy is not eligible for exemption from import duty! This amounts to Rs 15 lakh. And since that hasn’t been paid yet so the trophy will be flying back to the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Dubai headquarters.

And the victorious Indian team did not get to even touch the cup they fought so hard to win.

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