Sunday, 3 April 2011

Cricket Craze

Here is the short version of the 49 matches played in the World Cup 2011:
It took 7 matches for Pakistan to reach the semi-finals. Out of them, we lost JUST one match against New Zealand, which goes without saying is a tough team to play against. Winning the other 6 matches gave us an edge in the pointing system giving us a grand total of 10 points in group A. Yay for us!

Little did we know that on the other side our adversary was creeping up alongside. And finally we came to the all anticipating Match of the matches! Pakistan vs. India.
A day before the match, it was raining cats and dogs at Mohali. It was decided, as per rules, that if the rain did not stop the match would be postponed. This had a bitter sweet affect since it meant another holiday for us but another day to wait for the match. So instead we all prayed and hence, put a stop to the rain.

For days our mobiles didn’t stop ringing, receiving messages asking us to recite different scriptures from the Quran, since our adversary was doing the same! And so we did too. More fervently!
Sadly, our prayers went unanswered and we lost the match (details are not provided for those who are still numb due to the loss). So once again we were glued to the televisions when India was playing against Srilanka (who were suddenly our long lost friends. If we couldn’t have the World Cup then they should!).
And our prayers still went unanswered and India won the World Cup. 

But then again, our team came back and received a warm welcome. Nobody blamed our team and their short comings were covered. No one remembered the four catches our players missed or the ill-timed dives to stop boundaries or the fact that our last batsman realized too late that he wasn’t even trying to make connection with the bat and ball. 

No…suddenly for every citizen in Pakistan it was “just a game” and we gave it our best. Well, if our 187 million people believe that then maybe…just maybe…they could be right. So, I guess, we didn’t lose after all!

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