Sunday, 10 April 2011

To have and to hold, for RICHER or RICHER, In Pre-Nup and in health, but if we split up, Keep Your Hands Off My Wealth!

Haroon Solangi, from Badli Sharif, lost his job and his wife, Kashmala, all in one day after she sought a divorce. The poor guy was having the worst day.

It all started when he was fired from his job and got home to share the news with his wife, whom he was married to for a year, and in return she sought a divorce.

According to the husband, his wife and her father, Maqsood, had inserted an unusual clause in the prenuptial agreement specifying that if his income ever went below Rs 10,000 she would leave him.

“She left me the day after I was fired and did not even wait for me to find another job,” he sobbed.

Haroon claimed that he had been on the look for another job since a week and that he would challenge the divorce.

But his father-in-law had a different view, stating “He can’t do anything. He signed the contract and my daughter does not want to live with him.”

I say: Smart Girl!

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