Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cannibals in Pakistan: And the story continues…

I came across these videos for an update on the case of the arrested cannibals in Pakistan.

The two brothers, who were arrested on the allegation of indulging in cannibalism, claimed to have been doing so for a decade as an act of revenge against women when their mother passed away and their wives left them (doesn’t come as a surprise).

Another victim was a four-year-old girl who was also taken from a local graveyard. 

Apparently eating flesh is an addiction as the men were found to boil the flesh first, then cook it in a curry.

To further complicate the matter, cannibalism is so unheard of in Pakistan that no specific punishment is given under the Pakistani Law. The most that can be done is charging the brothers for digging up and desecrating the grave. This will put them behind the bars for only six months and then they will be set free to haunt the graveyards again in search of their next meal...

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