Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gentlemen, get your pillows ready...


So this Saturday people around the World gathered in streets to smack each other about. And there is a day for it? You bet !!! It’s the International Pillow Fight Day, where people of all ages can awaken the child within them and fight for a good cause.

The basic rules for this massive slumber party were simple: you could only “use soft pillows and couldn't hit anyone who didn't have a pillow”.

This event was seen as an opportunity to release frustrations where people got to hit each other, with many polite ‘excuse me’’s and ‘are you ok?’'s exchanged between the cheerful pillow warmonger, till they couldn’t stay on their feet any more and when they got tired they had something comfortable to rest their heads on.

This movement has a passionate mission to use public spaces as 'urban living rooms' and replace couch-potato habits. Here is a video of the fun we missed ! : (


Imagine getting smacked playfully by people in their night pajamas…now imagine something like this happening in Pakistan… let your imagination run wild…I DARE YOU ! : P

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