Monday, 4 April 2011

Vampires in Pakistan???

This is a very bizarre case of two men being arrested for indulging in cannibalism here in Pakistan. 

Imagine you going to a relative’s grave to pay your last respects only to see the grave dug up and the body missing.  You notice some fresh footprints that lead to a house. Upon entering the house you see people cooking and preparing for dinner. Upon close inspection you come to a shocking realization that your dead relative IS dinner !!

Now this could be a story out of a horror movie but is in fact a true account of what happened to a 24-year-old woman, Saira Perveen right here in Multan this weekend.

The police raided the house and attested one of the culprits along with the sister and an aunt. On opening a locked room the police found the body of Saira Perveen with one leg up to the knee and a foot cut off. In another room they found the severed parts of the body being cooked.

The arrested men admitted that they had been eating the flesh of dead humans and dogs since a decade.
A strange way to spend your weekend :s


  1. u r not save even after death

  2. I do not belive that but my said before I was born there was a guy in Pakistan who did that