Thursday, 7 April 2011

This is un-sweep-under-the-carpet-able !!!

This is another heartbreaking tale of a 10 year old girl being raped. But this time it was none other but her own father.

Initially, the victim’s father was the complainant in the rape FIR. He also accused the child’s mother of consenting to her daughter’s rape. And our Justice System let the parents go scot-free along with their daughter, proving once again just how blind justice is.
The girl later confessed and told the court that her father had raped her, not once, but several times and threatened her and even bribed her not to tell anyone. And what does the court do? It grants bail to the father and sets him free!

According to the data compiled by War Against Rape (WAR), seven cases of incest were actually reported in 2008, 2009 and in 2010 from Faisalabad, Jhelum, Raiwind, Kasur, Lahore, Daska, Gujranwala, Lala Musa, Sheikhupura and Pattoki. What about the cases that do not get reported, where the child is blamed or even killed?

WAR coordinator Sidra Humayun stated, “The accused is protected mostly by the victim’s own family who are not willing to accept the truth. Everyone, including the police and, at times, the courts, doubt and hold the victim responsible.”

According to the Sociology Department head at a renowned university, “Publishing research on this issue would be counterproductive. In an Islamic society this issue would create a disturbance. Nothing positive would come out of it.”  He further added, “You can certainly help victims individually but one should not make these things public.”

If this is so then who should this child turn to? A child who is molested by a stranger has parents to go to for help and comfort, but what happens to the child who is molested by the same consoling parents? Children, at such a young age, are not physically or psychologically equipped to handle recurring sexual stimulation and sexual abuse of any sort has a permanent negative impact on the life of the victims. Their faith in relations is crushed and they suffer from intense trauma.

I admit it is easy to live in a bubble and pretend such atrocious acts are not committed around us but for how long can we be ignorant about such issues? I believe it is imperative to create awareness so that people start showing some compassion and support towards the victims and that the stigma dissipates. They are Just Children After All!


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  1. "The accused is protected mostly by the victim’s own family who are not willing to accept the truth."

    so true!