Friday, 8 April 2011

Buried Alive….by choice, woman refuses to come out!

A woman, in some remote part of Lahore, dug a grave for herself in her own courtyard and enclosed herself in it for seven whole days without food or water.

Upon reaching the site, the police officials dug up the grave and pulled her out, along with a cigarette lighter and some papers. She complained that her “chilla” was interrupted and that she be left alone to complete it as instructed by her religious leader via a dream. According to her, she was just following orders.

She refused to move from the spot and threatened the police officials that disrupting her meditation and desecrating the grave was illegal and she would press charges if necessary.

She escaped and took refuge in a local shrine nearby only to return, two hours later, after the police left.

She refused to come out of the grave for another seven days till her “chilla” was over and warned the people of harsh consequences if she was disturbed again.

On a lighter note:  Let’s just hope those cannibals don’t get to her first or they would be in luck for a fresh meal for a pleasant change!

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